Saturday, February 25, 2006

The most noticable change amidst the common chennaite is the use of cell phones. The most common thing right from the local fruit vendors to the Kovil going Madisar mami's is the cell. As much as this instrument has enabled people to keep in touch with their near and dear ones, it will be a long time before people learn the basic etiquettes of using the same. Some of the instances of people using their mobile phones range from being funny to dangerous. There was this instance in which a patient in a dentist clinic sat up to answer his phone , when he was undergoing a root canal, needless to say the doctor had just stepped out to answer his mobile
phone. Traffic police always advice people driving cars not to use their mobiles and I was just horrfied to see so many people driving two wheelers using their cell phones (they were actually browsing something on their phone leave alone talking). Use of cell phones in temples have become such a big nuisance that lot of temples have gone to extent of putting boards that request poeple not to use them inside the premises, but still you can see people using their phones inside temples disturbing rest of the devotees. Just the other day the guy next to me in the movie theater was dumb enough to let his phone ring four times after which I had to gently advice the guy to turn his Stupid instrument off. Wish the general cell phone user who sports his latest cell pone at the smallest pretext will know "how to use it".