Tuesday, June 27, 2006

REF don't spoil the game for us!!!

The refreeing hasn't been as controversial as it has been in this worldcup. However boring US football was in these past few weeks, it has to be accepted that it would have been totally different had the ref not blundered in awarding the Penalty in the dying moments of its do or die game. I have always been an aussie basher just because of their arrogant nature on the field (what ever sport it might be) but it was sad to c their world cup campaign end on a dubious penalty kick that was awarded to the Italians. For once I felt sorry when the aussies lost!!!!

FIFA shd really think of using video replay atleast for the penalty shots!!! Immediately some million people stand up say that the sanctity of the game will be lost!! U know what all those shd go and tell that to the US and Auusie Teams, I can forsee lot of Black eyes :)


Blogger dinesh said...

I disagree ! I know he didn't trip the guy on purpose in the box...but you can't lose balance and fall in the box, impede the other guy's progress and not expect to have a foul called on you. I thought it was a foul. Good call made.

7:35 AM  
Blogger ashokla said...


The Defender was already down, it's the responsibility of the forward not to trip over the defender who was already down (it was not deliberate on the part of the defender). Refs follow a strict rule of not awarding penalties to acts that cause impediments to the attacking team, if the acts are not deliberate. In this case the ref just didn't notice that the defender fell down due to his contact with the Italian and that was the main reason for the penalty being awarded.

6:07 AM  

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