Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mumbaikars are Resilient!!! Are they really???

Mumbaikars are resilient, Life's back to normal, Train services resume, We can't be cowed down by terrorist acts are some of the headlines in the newspapers and the channels. Most people who travel daily by train are middleclass people who have no luxury of staying at home just because they are afraid of the threats.

Let's just assume that mumbaikars are resilient and will never be cowed down by such attacks. Kudos to the people of mumbai for that, but what happens to the 200 innocent souls who lost their lifes?? The actual truth is that the common man in mumbai has just accepted the fact that they would be the target of such attacks and has learnt to live with it. '93 has come and gone, no concrete action from the govt!!! '97 has come and gone,nothing concrete from the govt!!! Will there be any stern, decisive action after 7/11, hmmm I have my fingers crossed !!!

You know when the life of a Mumbaikar will have a semblance of normalcy, when he knows that his government has some spine to replace its empty words with action against those cowardly people both inside as well as outside India, when he is sure that the networks that plant RDX's in his electric trains with so much sync as to put a pyrotechnics expert to shame have been dismantled and finally when his government realises the value of a single life is much more than appeasing your terrrorist neighbors on both sides!!!


Blogger Vasu said...

ashok-la ,

first-u un kobatha udu ba.

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Blogger Muthukumar Puranam said...

dei blog pottatha sollave illa? active a blog podu da.

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